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GrowthCon 2024

Unlock your business potential at GrowthCon 2024, designed for owners and leaders of small to mid-sized companies. Dive into a one-day conference that explores the key pillars of success—Operations, Finance, Wellness, and Marketing—taught by top industry experts.

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Conference Topics

The 4 Pillars of Business

Whether you’re looking to enhance your operational efficiency, master your financial strategies, foster a healthier workplace, or amplify your marketing impact, GrowthCon 2024 is your gateway to advancement. Each pillar is designed to address the critical aspects of running and scaling a small to mid-sized business. 


Learn to streamline your operations for efficiency and scale. Our sessions will cover system optimizations, effective team management, and technology integration to save time and reduce costs.


Explore financial strategies designed for ambitious organizations, seeking solution-focused advisory services to scale operations and ensure stability.


Discover how prioritizing organizational wellness can improve overall productivity and employee retention. Learn practical steps to create a healthier workplace culture that supports your business goals.


Get actionable marketing strategies that make a difference and will instantly help you drive more business. Learn how to leverage digital marketing approaches to increase your visibility and drive growth.


Dive into a day of transformative learning with our lineup of speakers who are pioneers in their respective fields. These industry leaders will share invaluable insights and proven strategies to help you navigate the complexities of scaling small to mid-sized businesses. 

Ashley Luck

Emcee & Corporate Event Planner

A renowned Corporate Event Planner, Ashley brings her expertise in orchestrating high-impact events that drive engagement and success.

Michael Grand


A professional engineer turned serial entrepreneur, Michael will be giving a full overview of EOS™ the Entrepreneurial Operating System. A simple set of tools will give you practical steps to strengthen your business’s six key components to improve its Vision, Traction and Health.

Steven Langer


Steven advocates for organizational wellness in the workplace and will provide insights into how wellness initiatives can contribute to a productive business environment.

Karen Hoffman-Halwa


Your journey to success starts here. Navigate complexities, scale operations, and stabilize growth through solution-focused strategies from a visionary Fractional CFO who has helped founder-led organizations for more than 15 years.

Paul Letourneau


Paul’s sessions will focus on practical website and digital marketing techniques that can be immediately implemented to attract and retain customers effectively.


Perfectly combining elegance and modern functionality, The Bell in Scona in Old Strathcona is the ideal setting for a day packed with insightful learning and networking.

Visit to learn more about this incredible venue.



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